Goa Climate – More than just sun

Patnem Beach at sunset

Goa is a place, where winter sun almost comes with a written guarantee. But also in Monsoon time, Goa shows its beauty.

Goa boasts warm weather throughout the year. Temperatures reach around 33 C (91 degrees Fahrenheit) during the day and about 20 C (68 degrees Fahrenheit) at night.Occasionally winter nights (from December to February) can be a little chilly, but many guests welcome this as something of a respite from the heat of the day.  For all who suffer from winter blues, warm sunshine (with barely a cloud in the sky) is almost a given from November till April. The tourist season kicks off in October and lasts through April. 

The Monsoon starts from June and runs until August with sometimes heavy rain, sudden downpours and sunshine inbetween. However, it is also during Monsoon that Goa is probably at its most beautiful with an abundance of lush, verdant plants, trees and foliage. August/September is also the time when one of the two most important festivities, Ganesh Chaturthi – in honour of the Hindu elephant god- takes place and, of course there is Christmas in December.

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