South Goa Beaches


South Goa hold some true coastal beauties.

And the best: Some of them are in walking distance from our house or can be reached easily by scooter or motorcycle.

Patnem Beach

Patnem beach (our personal favourite) is just a short walk away. A natural bay surrounded by lofty palm-tree headlands at both ends. Take a late breakfast at Home Cafe, then sit and stare at the long curving coastline before you. The water is clear and safe to swim. Patnem beach is the perfect spot if you crave peace, privacy and personal space.

Patnem Beach at sunset
Palolem Beach
Von darkobajic, CC BY 3.0, Link

Palolem Beach

For those hoping to find a little more hustle and bustle, Palolem is the place to be. It is also within easy walking distance from the house. There you will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops offering shirts, hippie clothes, silver jewellery and bags. From Palolem you can take a boat trip to watch dolphins (the best time is sunset and sunrise). Or you can enjoy scuba diving, canyoning and trekking as well renting a sea kayak.

Agonda Beach

Agonda is another option, if you are looking for a more quiet, peaceful beach. It‘s three kilometres of white sand flanked by a dense collection of palm trees. As with Patnem and Palolem, the sea is calm and inviting.

Butterfly Beach

Located between Palolem and Agonda, this secluded beach is barely known (as it is accessible only by boat or bit of a forest hike). But it has maybe the most idyllic and romantic setting of all beaches in Goa. So if you happen to be looking for the perfect place to propose or maybe simply a romantic date, then consider Butterfly Beach. It comprises a small bay with deep water and rich golden sand. Butterfly beach is home to some of the most exotic species of butterflies, goldfish and crabs.

Galgibaga Beach

Another insider tip for the beach enthusiast is Galgibaga. It is one of the most important beaches for turtle nesting, especially between December and February. You will have ringside seats to watch Olive Ridley Turtles arriving to lay their eggs. The turtle residents at Galgibaga mean any major construction activity at this beach is strictly forbidden. And this results in one of the cleanest, quietest beaches in Goa with just two local restaurants offering astonishing fresh fish straight from the sea.

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